About Us

Skydiving is an adventure activity that relates to jumping from an airplane and typically executing a prolonged free-fall before deploying a parachute. Skydiving is practiced in almost all corners of the world. Among them, Sky diving in the landlocked country Nepal is well eminent all over the world, which is codified as the 8th best act of liveliness out of 50 best adventure sports organized around the globe under the heading “Try before you die”. Insky Skydive is a well renowned as well as reputed company accomplishing great skydiving experiences for a long period in Nepal and it performs skydive in numerous parts of the country such as the Everest region, Pokhara, Kathmandu along with different places as it has been certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. It can be performed anywhere if a place serves adequate facilities available to perform as per the need of the customer within the country. The company has left no stone unturned on the safety and services provided to its customers and performs all the activities with professional skydivers within and outside the country giving its customer the best pilots available all over the world. The company is organized by trained and experienced staff as well as possessors who have a decade of experience in the tourism field.